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The world is full of languages, this is  a fact from rare languages of small peoples  to languages of great nations like Chinese.With all the mixing of languages there should be communication between foreign people from foreign countries and aimed at no language.

Agreed by international officials such as the market O did his and choose one language to be a bridge between people The language selected  is the English language.

While English is not the source language of most people in the world, however, it is the most spoken international language Mainly in communication relations between countries and people from different places. If it's diplomacy, business, high-tech, internet And almost every place that needs a language that links people.

If so, any person who intends to advance in the school or business or contact with foreign countries must learn English Teaching English as a second language gives the person the ability to learn to manage business and travel with most people In the world, most of them know the English language, even if it's on a basic level.

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